Three major positioning of Jiuzhou in the new round of development in Shenzhen

Position 1: as bridgehead of Jiuzhou Group's international operation

Make full use of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone's port advantages, concentrate on the international operation of civilian products business, and promote Jiuzhou civilian products business to a new level.

Position two: as an important platform for Jiuzhou Group's capital operation and investment and financing

We should make use of Shenzhen's financial and innovative advantages to deepen capital operation and develop investment and financing to promote the rapid and healthy development of Jiuzhou Group in Shenzhen.

Position three: as a new height for Jiuzhou Group's innovation and development

Taking advantage of Shenzhen's advantages in information and human resources, this paper explores advanced business models and accumulates experience for Jiuzhou Group in exploring ways of technology, management and business model innovation.

Six major measures for Jiuzhou's new round of development in Shenzhen

Measures 1: strengthen centralized management and business coordination, and highlight the overall advantages of Jiuzhou.

The existing companies and businesses in Shenzhen will be integrated and adjusted, and the strip management mode divided by business will be changed into the management mode of the combination of strips, so that the image of Jiuzhou as a whole, the overall resources, the overall contribution of the image. Body advantage

Measures 2: Use Shenzhen's financial advantages to carry out investment and financing activities, through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the growth of Jiuzhou scale and efficiency

Choose relevant outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial projects with promising prospects, and set up industry M&A fund to invest in order to obtain business scale and investment returns.

Step three: make full use of real estate to maximize the assets value of Jiuzhou in Shenzhen.

According to the "stock for increment" thinking, clean up the existing property in Shenzhen Jiuzhou, through the sale, replacement, new purchases and other ways, so that the real estate in Shenzhen Jiuzhou appreciation.

Step four: add the idea of internationalized management to achieve "two changes".

From the past simple product exports to a comprehensive extension of the development of the transformation; from the past to the production of manufacturing-oriented brand and channel-oriented transformation.

Step five: actively create an innovative high-tech enterprise image

Taking advantage of Shenzhen as China's innovation and development center, we should learn advanced management experience, explore innovative business model, introduce advanced technology and absorb outstanding talents to explore the path and accumulate experience for the innovation and development of Jiuzhou as a whole.

Step six: make full use of Shenzhen's talent advantage

On the one hand, the introduction of high-level management, management personnel and practical experience of investment and financing personnel, the implementation of market-oriented talent management incentive mechanism, on the other hand, the use of Shenzhen's development platform to train and train personnel, to achieve talent exchange and interaction between Sichuan and Shenzhen.

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